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Britian has some of the earliest evidence of Christian art. This 4th century lead tank from Suffolk includes the ancient Chi-Rho and Alpha-Omega symbols. It was probably designed to hold water at a church. The grounds also included a cemetery, which may explain the reverse order Omega-Alpha.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Bishop Wright's 5 minute video regarding women in ministry

Bishop NT Wright presents clear and succint comments in this 5 minute YouTube clip.  He advocates for the full participation of women in the life of the Church.  He explains that this is the biblical view, and to make an argument to limit women's ministry one would have to appeal not to Scripture first, but to another source of authority.

Briefly, he explains that Junia (Romans 16:7) was a female apostle.  1 Corinthians 11 describes how women are to present themselves as women, and not try to appear as men, when they pray and prophecy in public.  And, in John 20 the first person commissioned to preach the gospel was a woman, Mary Magdelene.