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This Anglican think tank blog presents articles and conversations addressing what it means to be Anglican. At the core, Anglicanism is Trinitarian Christianity. And, Anglicanism can be described by How we Study, How we Worship, and How we Grow. Thus, "ATLAS" concerns Theology, Liturgy, and Spiritual formation.
Britian has some of the earliest evidence of Christian art. This 4th century lead tank from Suffolk includes the ancient Chi-Rho and Alpha-Omega symbols. It was probably designed to hold water at a church. The grounds also included a cemetery, which may explain the reverse order Omega-Alpha.

Discovering Anglicanism - Quarter One 2012 Cohort

Welcome "Qtr1-2012 Cohort" to the Online Catechism Course "Discovering Anglicanism."  We had a great get-started time at the Outerbanks in NC.  To help us stay connected, we'll interact via email, our http://www.discoveringanglicanism.org/ website, and this blog.  This is a good place to continue conversations about topics in the Classes, and to suggest topics for further study.


  1. I loved the prayer-time involving symbols and words of encouragement. I'm still gleaning grace from what the Lord said during that time. To follow-up on Class 10's theme of spiritual disciplines and cooperating with God, I am trying to re-visit those words and images in the presence of the Lord each day. He is honoring that time and keeping the Word Lively.

  2. It was a wonderful and blessed time! I'm still praying into what the Lord said during one of our contemplative times.

  3. Welcome to Chris, our newest Cohort member, and deacon at Resurrection church in the panhandle of FL. So, Virginians meet Floridian... Floridian meet Virginians.

    As you each work through the study, use this comment area to share insights, questions, suggestions for further study, ideas for related books, etc.

    In Lesson 10, one of the primary concepts is to cooperate with the Holy Spirit as he works on your own personal "Growing Edge." How would each of you describe a specific characteristic, virtue, attitude... that the Lord is working on in you? For me, I can see that as I "climb out from under my PhD rock" and begin to engage with more and more people again, I am "rusty" about brushing-off those normal everyday conflicts and stresses that come up just through common community interactions. I feel the need to devote a specific segment of prayer-time to the "letting go" discipline. A visual aid that I've used before, and I sense this is the time again, is the "turn my palms downward" as I give things over to the Lord, and "turn my palms upward" as the Spirit refills and refreshes me.

    So, how 'bout y'all?


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