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This Anglican think tank blog presents articles and conversations addressing what it means to be Anglican. At the core, Anglicanism is Trinitarian Christianity. And, Anglicanism can be described by How we Study, How we Worship, and How we Grow. Thus, "ATLAS" concerns Theology, Liturgy, and Spiritual formation.
Britian has some of the earliest evidence of Christian art. This 4th century lead tank from Suffolk includes the ancient Chi-Rho and Alpha-Omega symbols. It was probably designed to hold water at a church. The grounds also included a cemetery, which may explain the reverse order Omega-Alpha.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Community Outreach
"Posh Pooch" Festival in Celebration, FL

The ATLAS Center presented a booth featuring the book "Pet Prayers" and hands-on pet blessings at the recent community event which attracted hundreds of vendors, pet lovers, and dogs.  See the link
http://hurleyburleygirl.wordpress.com/ written by one of the participants for more of the story and more pictures.

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